Dear Galaxy Customer,

Thank you for allowing Galaxy Networks, LLC and Verizon Fios to provide for your TV and internet needs.

Before the Noble’s Pond community was developed, the land on which your home is now located was farmland. Galaxy Networks negotiated with Verizon to ensure that all homes in the community would be able to have excellent quality basic television and internet service. As part of this agreement, Galaxy Networks agreed to serve as the billing agent for these basic television and internet services, and Verizon agreed to bill separately for any additional services that homeowners in the community using these services elected from Verizon. Some of these additional services may include internet speed upgrades, television package upgrades, premium services and telephone services. Additionally, under that agreement, Verizon agreed to set up and install all services for customers in the community and to resolve any problems that may occur with all such services.

As was explained to you when you originally selected such service with Galaxy Networks, you are in no way obligated to receive services from Galaxy Networks and Verizon, and your other options include, among others, Dish Network and Direct TV. If you are unhappy with the services you are receiving, please review your cancellation policy of such services at any time simply by calling Verizon’s Customer Service office to review you options. However, because of the original contractual arrangement stemming from the need to bring telecommunication services into the community, Galaxy Networks is contractually obligated to continue to serve as the billing agent for Verizon’s basic television and internet services in the community.

We will continue our commitment and investment in customer service and technology to bring you the best possible in-home entertainment experience. We hope this explanation is helpful, and we again thank you for choosing Galaxy Networks and Verizon, and allowing us to serve you.

The Team at Galaxy Networks, LLC